5 Quarantine Birthday Ideas

A birthday is an important milestone, and even in confinement, you should celebrate! Here are our small selection of the best ideas to make this an exceptional day. You had planned the mega fiesta for this new milestone to pass and you find yourself all alone, or in a very small company, your house plant and cat, to celebrate your birthday. Just because your guests can't physically come to you doesn't mean you have to put a stop to any form of celebration! 5 quarantine birthday ideas for organizing a beautiful birthday party for everyone at home.

Make it Zen

Put yourself in a room where you feel good, ideally the living room as if you were physically entertaining your friends and/or family. Prepare a gourmet aperitif with real recipes that reminds you of a simpler time. On the decorative side, you can even buy balloons, flowers, or colorful accessories to brighten up your room. If you can’t go to the supermarket, you can order such items from Amazon. If you are telecommuting during the day, you have to make a real break on your birthday. Don't be interrupted by your pro phone or spam emails, or worse, your boss's WhatsApp messages. It's your moment, cut everything!

Treat Yo Self

This is no ordinary day. It's time to splurge on something to make yourself a good meal at home. What are you really craving? Saint-Jacques? Roast? A risotto? Cook for you, whatever you like! And most importantly, don't forget dessert, and candles. You have to blow out your candles, it's your birthday.

Create a Facebook Event

If you want to spend your birthday with your friends, you will have to tell them. Not that they have a billion other things to do (in theory) but it is good taste to notify them at least a few days before the time you want to host your event. For Facebook users, you can create an event and send it to your guest list.

Virtual Party

Just because you stay at home doesn't mean you have to celebrate your birthday alone. The solution? Make a video with your friends. Just organize it by Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, whatever you prefer. Alternatively, you can use Whereby, which allows you to meet in a virtual room for optimal sound and picture quality. Invite them, virtually toast and let your birthday dinner begin!

What would a party be without music? So that you can listen to music simultaneously, Spotify makes its Discord tool available with a premium account. Once connected, we can all listen to the same music and have a good evening… Remotely of course!

Let's Play a Game

Last detail that can change everything: a game. If chatting against a background of music is fun, you can also plan games to brighten up your virtual birthday party. Several options are available to you: remote games to play on a console or on your computer (your friends must have the same game as you), online board games or games that do not require hardware like Time's Up. Something is bound to happen.

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